SSL validation tool

Check if your SSL certificate is installed correctly with our SSL validator tool. Make sure your website is safe, secure, valid and trusted online.

The SSL validator tool checks the presence of a SSL certificate and the quality of the SSL connection. View detailed information such as Certificate Authority, EV support, certificate expiration date, encryption strength and more. With this information you can diagnose any potential installation problems or show your customers that your website can be trusted.

Simply enter the public URL of your website (e.g. in the box below and click the "Check SSL" button.

SSL certificate installed correctly?

The SSL validator checks whether your SSL certificate is installed correctly. This gives you and your visitors confidence that all sensitive information is safe. This will help build trust around your online presence and brand.

Gain trust with your SSL certificate

SSL certificates can significantly increase the trust your visitors have inyour website. SSL certificates with Extended Validation can be trusted more than those with Domain Validation for example. The more your visitors trust your website, the more likely they are to interact with it, be it an ecommerce website, intranet or simple web form. The SSL validator checks key indicators of trust and gives you a "trust score" based on the outcome.